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AngelList launches service for syndicated investment

0 29 July 2013

AngelListAngelList, the US-based platform that helps start-ups attract investment from angels and VC funds, is testing a new service that allows business angels to syndicate deals with each other and eases the process of attracting venture-sized investment for startups.

The new services is called Syndicates and it allows registered investors to create and manage their own shares in the funds of individual startups and to choose their syndicate partners.

The service treats each syndicate as a legal entity and an investment advisor oversees the deal, obliging the leading business angel to disclose any conflicts with the startup, financial or strategic.

In this way, startups have the advantage of not having to deal with a large number of separate investors, as the documents are completed only by the fund manager.

podlesnovaMaria Podlesnova, RusBase CEO comments:

"In the next 2 weeks RusBase will also launch a service for syndicated deals. We will not be working under the same model as AngelList, but we will expand our already existing "matching" service, that brings together startups and investors.

We are aware that syndication is a weak arm of the Russian VC market, due to the difficulty of concluding investments given the atmosphere of mistrust among players. For this reason our service will not be a way of automatically closing deals, but an opportunity for partners to jointly invest in projects"

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