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Interests: eCommerce

Region: Moscow

Services for online retailers



$ 1,501,330

Type of investment

$ 1,330
Digital Ventures Partners
$ 1,500,000


Flocktory - the first in the Russian service for online retailers, allowing you to create effective strategies for the measurable sales, increase brand awareness and customer loyalty through the recommendations in social networks.

The principle of operation Flocktory to date: After buying the online store, the buyer is shared with friends bargain in social networks, and if one makes a purchase - both get a pre-set bonuses.

Testing the system on the market: At the moment we have more than 50 clients from different sectors of e-commerce and the result of increased sales of up to 26% in the number of transactions.

The benefit to online retailers from using Flocktory:
Getting new customers (friends of the original purchaser)
Increase in the number of repeat purchases and increase customer loyalty (for purchases friends buyer gets a bonus, therefore, it is better to shop, and if the bonus is tied to action in the store - increases the chance that the customer will come back and take advantage of a bonus)
Increase brand awareness (in reference to social networks)
The increase in the average check in store
Stimulation of customers to share shopping experience in your store with your friends
Determination of buyers who have the greatest influence among the internet audience
Flocktory integrated with an online store in less than 10 minutes by the addition of a short fragment of Javascript code on the page, "Thank you for your order 'online store. We provide ready-made scripts for all major platforms Russian CMS (Bitrix, InSales, etc.), as well as any samopisnyh platforms. After the integration of our clients are able to run the referral campaign and complete control over the content, appearance, and bonuses in their companies and can easily change them through our control panel in his private office. Also, our clients receive the full range of analytics to campaigns and expert advice to optimize campaigns for maximum effekta.Posredstvom API we can produce deeper integration, providing further opportunities for the automatic confirmation of orders and payments / bonus accruals.

The direction of development: Flocktory developed in three directions: 1) Place the near future we plan to enter the Western markets (At the beginning of the year 2013 - Germany, where the market for e-commerce in Russia's more than 10 times the number of stores).

2) Funktsionalno.Na date, we have created postchekaut referral system, but we are working to expand the functionality of the service towards the creation of platform solutions. The next few months will be available the following tools (highlighted some of the planned)
Prechekaut referral system with an emphasis on group buying
Referral system to work with certain customers based on their buying behavior
E-mail referral system for resuscitating the existing customer base
 3) Use a deep social data analytics to optimize the customer RCB campaigns (our primary focus)
Providing our customers with the ability to identify brand advocates and inflyuenserov target audience to focus marketing resources and efforts on them (already available)
Providing our clients with deep analytics of social data (social portrait of the buyer behavior in the social network, the level of influence and connections in different networks in conjunction with consumer behavior). This will enable our customers to optimize their customer targeting strategy to increase sales and brand awareness
The ability to use the full range of analytics for continuous interaction and reorientation of buyers according to the goals of companies




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